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Ansaldo was one of Italy’s largest engineering groups, dating back to 1853, with interests in ordnance, railway locomotives, shipbuilding and aero engines.

The latter were made in Turin, and it was in order to keep them busy after World War I that Ansaldo decided to enter the car business. Chief engineer Guido Soria designed an up-to-date small car with 1847 cc single-ohc 4-cylinder engine, and 3-speed gearbox with American-type central gear level.The bodies on the early models were angular and unattractive, but the Tipo 4 sold quite well, 187 in 1920 and 443 in 1921. The 1980 cc Tipo 4CS arrived in 1922, and 1923 saw 4-wheel brakes and a 6-cylinder model, the 1990 cc 6AN.The fours were continued up to 1930, as was the six, enlarged to 2179 cc as the 6BN in 1927. This model had a 4-speed gearbox and coil ignition, features which were adopted on the fours by 1928. From 1926 to 1929 there was a lower-priced four, the 1496 cc Tipo 10.Annual production in the mid-1920s varied between 1000 and 2000. There was a reorganisation in 1927, when the car division of Ansaldo came under the control of aircraft makers Macchi. This was because Ansaldo’s aircraft division passed into Fiat hands. Soria left in 1927 and Ansaldo design stagnated thereafter, with very little progress, though two more luxurious models appeared in 1929, the 2782 cc 6-cylinder Tipo 18 and 3540 cc straight-8 Tipo 22. The latter was a handsome luxury car on a 3401 mm wheelbase, distinguished by disc wheels with quick-detachable rims. Designed by Soria before he left, they had the single-ohc that he had used from the first cars. Four hundreds of the Tipos 18 and 22 were laid down, but they were not at all sold until 1936, by which time they needed more modern bodies than they had been designed to carry.In 1932 the company was reorganised under the name CEVA (Costruzione e Vendita Automobili Ansaldo), though there was not much construction taking place. A small number of truck was made from 1930 to 1932. CEVA was sold to bus builders Viberti in 1936.

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