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Dreaming of a truck gives very different feelings from dreaming of a car. Shape and dimensions suggest a more complex and difficult guide and greater responsibility and danger in case of impact.

To understand the meaning of the truck in dreams it will be important to reflect on its function linked above all to the transport of goods and its shape (closed, open, with a trailer, etc.).

The truck in dreams reflects an aspect of practical operation of the dreamer immersed in his social environment, it is the image of a “load” to be transported (work, problems, responsibilities, stress) of situations or blocks that can slow down the daily activities or the goals to achieve.

Thus, dreaming of a truck can make you think of a task to be accomplished, a service to be performed, a responsibility that you are taking on.

And every variable that appears in the truck in dreams will reflect an aspect of the dreamer’s personality that is actively involved in the situation. While dreaming of transporting valuable and useful goods in your truck will be a positive sign of awareness of your qualities.

(…from the web, Romano Pisciotti)

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