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IntelliSense enables farms to get the most from their machinery investment – helping modern agriculture to lower the cost of harvest per hectare through reaching greater efficiencies.

The digital revolution is now sweeping through agriculture and in times to come, as margins become ever tighter, the incremental increases in efficiency that technologies such as IntelliSense can offer may make the difference.

Through mechanisation and now, digital automation, New Holland remains at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

As with any automated system, if it is not simple to operate, it will simply not be used and IntelliSense was designed to be particularly user-friendly. 

This can be clearly seen in the way that the operator can set the sensitivities for losses and grain quality. 

Where years ago, the operator was required to assign a numerical value to the sensitivity,IntelliSense uses a clear to understand dialogue box. 

For example, with regard to losses, the operator is asked whether losses are “Way too much”, “Too much”, “Acceptable” or “More is allowed”. 

Depending on the response the combine will set the sensitivity of the sensor to deliver the result demanded.

Presented by Romano Pisciotti

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