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Iveco Defence Vehicles is one of the premier manufacturers of military trucks in Europe, offering an outstanding product range de- signed to meet the full spectrum of opera- tional roles demanded by the military user. With more than 70 years of experience of de- signing and manufacturing both logistic and armoured vehicles, Iveco has an extraordinary depth and breadth of engineering expertise which is continuously refreshed and updated through feedback from operations and from the marketplace. The result is one of the most technically advanced, reliable and maintaina- ble product ranges in the world. From adapt- able light trucks starting at 5.3 tonnes GVW, to rugged 41 tonne 8 wheelers, the Iveco De- fence Vehicles range is built with the needs of the military user in mind.

Flexibility of employment and reliable logis- tic back-up are essential to support the full range of operations undertaken by our cus- tomers. To meet these demands, our trucks are highly adaptable and possess outstand- ing strategic and tactical mobility. Supported by our world class parts distribution system, once our trucks are in theatre, we ensure that they can be sustained there. This ensures they play their part in delivering the maximum ca- pability on the ground in the shortest possi- ble time.

With a wide range of our vehicles operating in countries worldwide, we have a deep un- derstanding of the effects of hostile climates and terrain on our vehicles. This enables us to engineer them to meet the most hostile op- erating conditions, meeting STANAG require- ments for operability and functionality in a broad spectrum of climatic conditions.




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